Welcome and Thanks for Joining The WatchTower Subscription Family!

As a WatchTower Subscriber you will receive many benefits, Special Exclusive Offers, and most importantly you don't have to worry about your favorite titles selling out; they'll be saved in your very own subscriber box!

Here's What You Get For Being A Loyal Subscriber

All Subscriber Books Come With FREE Bag & Board !!

20% OFF ALL Subscription Titles As A Subscriber In Good Standing

15% OFF ALL Non-Subsciption Items In Store
(IE: Toys, Swords, Supplies, Graphic Novels, Etc.)

Ask Us How To Get A FREE Subscriber's "Diamond Previews" Order Book Each Month!

Here's all we ask from you.

(Warning: Official Part Below)

We Ask That You Subscribe To A Minimum Of 5 Current Titles Monthly And An Initial $10 Deposit To Start The Service.

All Comic Shops Order 60 Days Out; Therefore We Cannot Guarantee Fulfillment Until 60 Days After Initial Sign-Up.

We Do Ask That You Purchase All of The Books In Your Box Within 30days.

After This Time We Will Simply Forfeit Your $10 Deposit And Place ALL Books In Your Box Out For Sale

We Also Ask For a 30Day Cancellation Notice of Any Subscription; Any Books Within That Period Will Be Taken Against The Deposit

Why Do We Ask For A Small Deposit To Start Your Subscription?

A subscription service is a partnership between customers and their local comic shop. Customers enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about their monthly titles selling out before they get a chance to pick them up. Customers also get rewarded with special discounts for their loyalty and frequent patronange to the store. Comic stores specially order each subscribed book, specifically, for each subscribed customer; and have to commit to those orders 60 days in advance. If the store does not see a subscriber return to purchase what has been preordered, then that "special order" is put out for sale; with the hopes that (what sometimes are items the store would not have ordered because of low customer demand) it can be sold to recoup the money invested into it. The Subscription Deposit Helps The Store With This Whole Process.

Remember: The subscription deposit is fully refundable to cancelling subscribers in good standing.